An approximation of my route.

An approximation of my route.

I’ve been building up to this day for a few weeks.  The road has been rocky, both literally and figuratively.  Litterally because I’ve incorporated the Farmington River Trail into my journey, and there are stretches of gravel and a few little rocks here and there.  Figuratively, because I’ve had 2 blow outs in that short amount of time.


But no more!  Last week, I went to Torrington Cycle and fitness and got my bike upgraded to some hybrid tires that are more puncture resistant and new tubes, as well as a new set of brakes on the front (I had no front brakes this year or last).  Man, these tires sure made a difference.  It feels like I shifted into an easier gear all the time!

So today, for the first time ever, I started the biking portion of my trip in New Hartford, which comes out to a 5 mile drive, and a 16 mile bike trek.  That’s 5 miles further than I’ve ever rode on my commute, as I used to debark from the commuter lot in Canton.

Alright, so goal met!  New goal: commute completely on bike from Winsted to Farmington, a ~22 mile ride.

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