:: the gist of the page in a click ::
:: the gist of the page in a click ::

DynaCloudlet v0.1 – another bookmarklet.Β  Drag to your favorites/bookmarks, visit any web page, then click the bookmark.Β  I’ll explain it tomorrow when I have more energy.

Note: this has not been extensively tested, but worst-case scenario, it just will not work or will throw an error.Β  Good luck. πŸ™‚


[UPDATE 2009-05-29] As promised, more info…

DynaCloudlet was actually very simple to program. Β There are 3 main pieces:

  1. the Bookmarklet code – this loads jQuery from ajax.googleapis.com, then loads my script which loads the next two items;
  2. the css and Javascript driving the dialog box (which all came ready to run from the jQuery UI project);
  3. the jQuery plugin called DynaCloud which hunts for Β non-stop-words and tallies up their frequency, and then generates the tag cloud based on that data.

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