I just launched the eLumen Community Forum – it is a place for eLumen users to collaborate on solutions, compare notes, chat about higher education assessment strategies, and get answers about the technical side of running eLumen.

By day, I am the eLumen administrator at Tunxis Community College, and in working with eLumen I’ve run into all manner of snags – I assume that other colleges which are supporting their own eLumen server may be having the same issues, and I’d like for them to be able to benefit fro the solutions we’ve found, and vice versa.

The key discussion area on the forum, I think, is going to be the Mashups board. The Mashup board is the place to discuss bridging eLumen data with other data sources to produce new ways to navigate the data. The reporting mechanism baked into eLumen is pretty good for basic analysis, but to show the numbers in the context of other things, such as a student’s e-Portfolio work, or to deliver the numbers in an interactive web application where relationships are links to new views, would require the data to be brought into something else.

Anyway, enough about that here. No one reads this blog anyway. But I also want to say that I’m excited because phorum is AWESOME software for a forum site, and I’ve already made my own template (called orange on olive), which is featured – you guessed it – at the eLumen Community Forum.

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