What do you want now, Jimmy?

I want you to install an app on your phone and begin mining cryptocurrency for free. Click this -> https://minepi.com/jrevillini

OK, what do you really want, Jimmy?

No that’s it. I’m just asking you to install an app. Click this -> https://minepi.com/jrevillini


Because this could be worth something someday and you have nothing to lose.
Also because I want more money in the hands of friends, not in the hands of corporations who already have it.
Also because I care about the environment and big crypto is hurting it.
Who’s with me? -> https://minepi.com/jrevillini

Will I get rich?

Impossible to predict. It is possible, though. And you cannot lose money. You cannot even buy this with money if you want to.
I want to get possibly rich -> https://minepi.com/jrevillini

Am I hooked in?

No. I wouldn’t do that to you. You can delete the app and account if you want with no repercussion.
Mine PI with no contract or obligation -> https://minepi.com/jrevillini

I still don’t get it.

OK, so DM me on IG and I’ll explain. It’ll take 5 minutes.

Final Notes

I don’t work for anyone. No one put me up to this. This is my website and I created this page in hopes that more of my friends will become part of an ethical cryptocurrency experiment/revolution, earn pi, and possibly make some money out of it without having to do any work.

Yes, this is how all sales pitches go, but I’ve spent hours reading through this whole system and I can’t find any issues with it that hurts anyone. The system is actually designed with “the little guy” in mind. This isn’t pyramid selling either, because there is no selling going on at all.

Eff it, let’s go -> https://minepi.com/jrevillini