Experiment 20090604

There are occasional anomalies which I haven’t figured out.Β  More soon.


[UPDATE 2009-06-05 19:10] This from the developer of the SVG integration plugin for jQuery, Keith Wood:

Hi James

There was a problem with initialising the animation in some cases, which resulted in the start values being set to 0. This has been fixed in v1.4.0, due out tomorrow.



So when 1.4 is out, I’ll put out a v.2 so you can see the difference.Β  And I think I’ll add the music as Mike suggested it would go well with this.


[UPDATE 2009-06-09 13:04] SVG Integration 1.4 came out.Β  Here’s a re-release of Experiment 20090604 with the new library which solved the issue with the shooting branches.Β  Sorry to those who like those.

Experiment 20090604 v0.2

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  1. Ubercool. The occasional line (anomaly?) that shoots out is like an alien beam drawing energy from the outfield. I imagined it changing the color of the work as it absorbs (or sucks) it in. Neato.

  2. If it wasn’t so late, I was going to work on some color variation / animation based on growth. It just got too late. But I am developing at faster speeds, both because I’m starting to find reusable snippets in all these experiments, and because I’m thinking more at the outset before diving in.

  3. Same thing here with hypertext; learning much but the timeline doesn’t allow for all the editing and tweaking I’d like so I’m trying to find all the shortcuts I can. At least I’ve cut back from nearly a full day to maybe 70% of it spent on this!

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