Experiment 20090616

A fun, pointless script which plays a lot with randomness: random start/end color, start/end position, start/end size, number of objects, time before beginning animation, length of animation, selection of verbiage.

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  1. It’s artistic and colorful and all good things, but I was struck by the sudden tension of one message which (if I didn’t know better) makes it instantly serious: “steve is going to murder me.”

    It’s like that flash of “help me!” you see in someone’s eyes and then they’re gone. I know you didn’t plan it all this way, but I see a story in it. If you did plan it, then I hope Steve don’t getcha.

  2. Susan said most of it better than I could (what else is new), but I have to add: okay, time to get out of my head now! Well, except for the jQuery thing.

  3. The inspiration for the messaging was “getting behind on the project,” but all the messages play a satirical song in my mind. If this one had audio, it would be the messages said and overlapped and in varying tones from whispers to shrieks. Alas there are no text-to-speech engines that I know of that are free and able to be integrated with this.

    @susan: It’s neat that that message created a tension for you. I could see how this could be a fun beginning to some hypertext shenanigans.

    @mary ellen: Thanks. Glad to know it’s not just me πŸ™‚

  4. Hey James. I really liked this one! I have very limited technical abilities and some of the stuff doesn’t seem to play on my mac, but I thought the colors and “random” placements, messages and pace really worked.

  5. @steve: no, this is an array of strings I hard-coded. I’ll do a revamp for tonight’s script which pulls from neha’s poetry or something.

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