My buddy, Zach Humphrey, is the writer and brains behind We launched the site toward the end of February. The goal of the site … well, honestly it’s difficult for me to summarize. It’s a place for music reviews; for exclusive interviews with musicians; it gives up-and-comers the spotlight; it’s a community for networking; it’s a social network with a focus; it’s the place for the web to be beautiful to those who are audibly-inclined.

Even as I write this, I realize I cannot adequately put into words. Instead, I’ll quote Zach:

Music has an immeasurable means of lifting spirits, transcending barriers and forging bonds. Whatever you’re feeling, there’s a song out there that syncs with your vibes. Through the power of song, we are able to gain a sense that everything is OK. | zachary humphrey

I’m really glad to be developing under Zach’s direction. Stay tuned for new developments. I feel that it will become a platform that the sonic youth will appreciate.