Today’s hike was only about an hour. Fortunately, the sun was out but it was quite windy at the crest of the dam. We tried a trail that wrapped around the South bank of the Mad River Reservoir which offered a break from the wind, but introduced swamp-like areas along the trail which were often masked by a thick leaf cover. Consequently, Ivan and I made our way along the trail muttering, “holy shit,” every time our feet sunk into the hidden muck beneath the bed of leaves. After awhile, however, we were unfazed by the puddles and wet feet.

Fox, as always, had a blast.

The trails that run from the first gated entrance on CT 44 and Rugg Brook Road are fantastic for an easy to moderate hike. You get a little of everything: spectacular views from the dam, a beautiful overlook of the Mad River Reservoir, easy dirt roads, woodsy trails, and even some antique concrete roads with bridges that were built in the 1940s (I’m basing that on the number stamped into the concrete so I could be off).