Here’s the current bug list for Mango that I’ll be working on over the next week or two. After this list is complete, the initial release will go online. Nightly backups of data will be required just in case I miss something which causes the database to become corrupted.

double what do i do? fixed
auto focus fixed
registration is stupid if it works fixed
after reg, auto login the user fixed

pressing enter is no work in form fixed
show me that i logged in fixed

show me that i logged out fixed

New Document link should be removed
feature request: search next version
powered by link goes nowhere

add spacing to title fixed

edit page
upload ten files, click save. expectation: files are added to revision. actually: files are saved to document, must be manually attached to revision. fixed
manually attaching files doesn’t seem to work fixed

all pages
it would be nice to allow chronological sorting as well next version

seek an anchor based on action (index/add/view) next version
pages that need help fixed

redirect this page to the edit page. who the hell needs to see this? move the updated and joined dates over to the edit page as information. fixed

edit profile
remove roles from page if not admin fixed
double what do i do fixed
Submit button should say “Save” fixed
save should save, then go back to editing page with a message that things were saved fixed
feature request: add button for “pages i’ve edited” next version

lock down to admin permissions fixed

new document
creating a new page (at least by going to the url) doesn’t seem to work fixed

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