Want a single click button that will take your document, save it to PDF in a certain folder, then close the current document? It’s great when you need to machine-gun thrrough a bunch of document conversions.

Here’s how:

1) open a word document
2) click the View tab in the Ribbon
3) click the Macros button, then click Record New Macro
4) Give it the name ‘PDFaliscious’ (don’t worry, you’ll never need to actually refer to or type that word)
5) Click the ‘assign to button’ button, then move PDFaliscious to the right-side list of commands (this will keep it within single-click access no matter where you are in word by adding it to the quick-access bar)
7) Click OK (you’re now in macro record mode)
8) Click Macro again in the View tab and select Stop Recording
9) Click Macro AGAIN in the View tab and select View Macros
10) Click PDFaliscious and then Edit
11) Highlight everything from Sub PDFaliscious() to the next End Sub (about 15 lines) and delete it.
12) Paste in the following

Sub PDFaliscious()
' PDFaliscious Macro
    ActiveDocument.ExportAsFixedFormat OutputFileName:= _
        ActiveDocument.Path & ActiveDocument.Name & ".pdf" _
        , ExportFormat:=wdExportFormatPDF, OpenAfterExport:=False, OptimizeFor:= _
        wdExportOptimizeForPrint, Range:=wdExportAllDocument, From:=1, To:=1, _
        Item:=wdExportDocumentContent, IncludeDocProps:=True, KeepIRM:=True, _
        CreateBookmarks:=wdExportCreateNoBookmarks, DocStructureTags:=True, _
        BitmapMissingFonts:=True, UseISO19005_1:=False
End Sub

13) Close the VB Editor.

Whenever you want to run this, click the new little yellow icon in the quick access toolbar, right next to the Microsoft soothing lozenge.

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