$(poetic redux).rewrite_stuff()
$(poetic redux).rewrite_stuff()

Poetic Redux v 0.1

PR eats blog posts for breakfast, be they poetry, or stories, or emotional rants, and rewrites them a little bit.Β  This experiment makes use of the jQuery UI.Β  Specifically, I used the ‘South Street‘ css theme and the jQuery UI datepicker and tabs widgets.Β  PR uses AJAX and a PHP proxy to fetch remote RSS feeds, then it hands it off to the jQuery core for processing and insertion on the page.Β  Finally, hitting the REDUX button calls up the thesaurus web service API (big thank you to words.bighugelabs.com for this), and goes to town on the content it downloaded.

This experiment, again, took WAY longer than I expected, and is another reminder to self that I need to limit the scope of what I incorporate into each experiment.Β  It’s just hard, because I want everyone to find the scripts interesting!!!

Note: please don’t REDUX too much … I’m only allowed to hit the API at bighugelabs 10000/month.Β  But feel free to do a few per day if you like.Β  I think that should be fine.

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