I’m getting prepared for tomorrow by listening to the hype machine (it’s like a radio station run by the world and a robot) and reading through the jQuery docs.  It’s always good to know what you can do before you start your activity.  It’s funny being a programmer, because sometimes I write something that I think is so amazing, and then I show it to someone and as I’m doing the demonstration, I realize that they have no interest in how it works, only what it does, so my programmatic tour de force does not impress as much.

Therefore, I’m not only going to try to do interesting things with jQuery, I’m also going to try to make you understand why what I’m coding is cool.  Ha ha – as I reread that last statement, I feel silly because it’s pretty difficult to explain beauty in code … plus maybe doing so is pointless.  Regardless, I do hope to write a little paragraph or two about what I’m coding so maybe it can let you into the world of a developer a little bit.  The story behind the program is often more interesting than the program itself.

Alright … I have more to say but I’m going to shut up now and get back to reading.  Damn!  I just realized I’m sitting on the crappy office chair and my cat Shazam! is sleeping on the good chair.

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