I had a working report in Access 2007. It sourced a query called Rosters. The report grouped by several course-related fields, and then in the detail section, it printed names and student IDs. The effect was a stack of printable student rosters.

Then I needed to change the Rosters query to do a little filtering. I did that, saved it, and ran the report again. Suddenly, all the student details were outputting “#Name?”

The usual culprit is changing the names of fields in the query, but that was not the problem this time. The report has simply gotten disconnected from its data source in ONLY the details section. That’s what made it so weird.

The resolution was to click the “Add Existing Fields” in the menu, then drag in one of those fields to the details section, then save, then run the report, then get rid of the extraneous field. From then on, it preserved the connection.

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