This is in response toย Making SVN trust a new root CA certificate. ย I wanted to write this there, but I can’t send comments due to a site error.

@GEEK: Thanks for starting this discussion. The previous comment is the one that helped me get my post-commit hook working with VisualSVN Server on an XP box. I was writing a hook to update my web directory from the SVN repo on every commit.

@Other contributors: Thanks for adding your comments which lead me to the right solution to properly make my server trust istself!

Just to consolidate the steps:


  1. Hit the repo in IE at whatever its address is; e.g. https://server:8443/path/to/svn/
  2. It will tell you the cert is untrusted. Click view certificates.
  3. click Install certificate…
  4. hit Next
  5. select Place all certificates in the following store
  6. click Browse…
  7. select Trusted Root Certificate Authorities
  8. hit OK
  9. hit Next
  10. hit Finish
  11. hit Yes, OK, OK, YES!
  12. Start>Run>services.msc
  13. restart VisualSVN server service Now your hooks on that machine should not have any issue updating from itself.

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  1. Thanks for your comments. I believe I’ve fixed the problem you were having with commenting: I recently upgraded to the latest version of Wordpress, and somehow in the process the wp-comments-post.php file ended up with ZERO permissions. As in, nobody (not even the owner) could read the file. Strange.

    At any rate, you should be able to comment on the post again. I’d appreciate if you’d leave your comments there, so that others Googling the post can find them easily. Thanks!

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