“Simple Spy” Wrapper

No time to explain right now.Β  Gotta run!

[UPDATE 2009-06-14] I just looked at this again and it had some bugs in it, which I fixed, plus it turns out I forgot to tag it 100 Days, so no one has seen it yet, most likely.Β  I’m also going to take this opportunity to explain the script a little bit.Β  I guess there was this site called ‘Simple Spy’ which used some sort of rotating script to achieve this effect in their side bar.Β  jqueryfordesigners.com, which looks to be an excellent resource for attractive jquery demos and tutorials, did a little demo and tutorial on how to ajaxify it to pull content in from whatever source one desired.Β  But I didn’t follow the tutorial to create mine.Β  I rolled my own wrapper.Β  ‘Wrappers’ are pieces of code which abstract the functionality of some other code.Β  Simply put, a wrapper usually makes life easier for the next programmer, because it handles the inner working for you and gives you just an easy-to-use subset of tools or configuration options.

In this case, my wrapper gives the user one configuration option, FEED_URL.Β  Since I plugged in Maggie‘s feed URL, the demo features her content.Β  If we provide my feed URL, we’d get content loading from my web site.Β  Of course, a lot more documentation and use cases would need to be written to make this useful to anyone, but it’s a dandy start.

Based on demo here: http://jqueryfordesigners.com/ajax-spy/

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