iTunes 9.2 hangs when syncing voice memos

If you just need a workaround so you can access other, non-voice-memo features through iTunes, such as backup, music sync, app sync, etc., then follow this procedure:
1. disconnect your iPhone from the computer
2. fire up iTunes
3. open

Thank you, open source

Before I get started on yesterday’s and todays scripts, I’d like to take a moment to thank all the open-source developers who are making my computing experience possible.  Here is just some of the open source software that I’ve used …

Kill Dreamweaver (works every time!)

Weirdest thing: if you create a stylesheet that is linked to from one of your pages in dreamweaver and it contains the line

.popup {}

int it, dW dies while trying to start up.  Great parlour trick!…

eLumen Community Forum

I just launched the eLumen Community Forum – it is a place for eLumen users to collaborate on solutions, compare notes, chat about higher education assessment strategies, and get answers about the technical side of running eLumen.

By day, I …

Killing me softly: Searchindexer.exe

Do you have a process that won’t die? Tired of searchindexer.exe calling you at home to harrass you for the rent? Do you have credit card debt?

Your solution is here! OK, what you want to do to prevent searchindexer.exe …