Lovework by Blacklight Smoke

Get a little bit ahead of the tricks
I can’t stop until I’m home

Waking up early in the morning
Staying up late every night
Disconnect the telephone
Turning off all the lights

Bouncing off the walls
They’re caving in…

Prevent IIS from serving .svn directories

If you’d like to update a production web site or application from SVN but are worried about the security implications of having .svn directories exposed to the public, see the following simple solution:…

CakePHP mutliple checkbox input

This is just here because I always forget how to do it:

[code]echo $form->input(‘fieldname’, array(‘options’=>array(‘1’=>’val1’, ‘3’=>’val2′ […]), ‘multiple’=>’checkbox’, ‘label’=>’Da Label’));[/code]…

PDFaliscious Macro for Word 2007

Want a single click button that will take your document, save it to PDF in a certain folder, then close the current document? It’s great when you need to machine-gun thrrough a bunch of document conversions.

Here’s how:

1) open …

DIRECT link to download JRE5 Update 20-something

It’s complete bullshit that you have to fill out a form to get an e-mail link to the download. This post goes out to all the devs who are NOT GOING TO FILL OUT THAT FORM.

Shove it, Java, …