The website worksheet

This worksheet is designed to help both of us. You’ll identify the goals of the website and provide info about yourself or your organization and identify content that must be presented.

Note: an outline is simply a document listing the pages that will be on a site. Under each page heading, there is a bullet list of items which go on that page. Content refers to the fully-written copy which must also be on a page. To be fully ready, each page must be professionally proofed, and have the following associated information: page title, page excerpt, menu item, page copy, links (if any).
Most websites need one or more photos or graphics for each page. Photo quality can make or break a website. It is advisable to choose photos and graphics to go along with each page once the content is fully written. Talk to a website designer to get an idea of what kinds of imagery best suit each type of page.
To send this via email, complete the next section and click SEND. Or simply print the page (may allow you to save as PDF depending on your device).