OK —

let's talk websites.

by the way, you can call or text me if you don't feel like reading anything.

You’re in the right place. I build and design websites. I have over 20 years of web development expertise, so listen up.

a website boils down to four things —


A prioritized bullet list of what you want visitors to do on retail sites, it’s to buy something; with blogs, it’s subscribing; organizations may want donations or volunteers.

Whatever it is, it must be well-defined. Diffuse objectives will result in a confusing experience.


Content is king. It must be clear and concise, bringing concepts to the visitors’ attention while including search keywords and phrases and carrying the organization’s strategic goals.

Proper tone and length of content are extremely important.


The photography and graphics are perhaps more important than the copy because they convey outcomes. A yoga studio is not selling the floors and walls, it is selling health. A construction company is not selling framing or windows, it is selling a happy home.


The design must be centered around achieving goals. People go to a website and sit through the slideshow at the top, like…uh, never.

A website is a tool.

My job is building your site so it conveys your image and encourages action.


getting started


get quotes

you can generate a ballpark quote right here, right now.


write content + get visuals

the more that you get ready, the faster i can bring the site to life.


look at some templates

pre-fabbed templates will not be exactly what you want, but they promote ideas.


i know you don’t sell pizza, yoga, or dolphins*. these are just for inspiration.

* let me know if you sell dolphins, though. i might be interested.


learn what it’s like to own a website, how to update it, and how to keep visitors returning

i'm still working on this section. sorry.