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infrastructure + basic security 375.00
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how i quote:

i do it just like youβ€” i take what i'm worth, multiply by how much time you need, and there you have it.

my rate is $125/hour. before you freak out, you need to consider several factors.

time is not time.

what i accomplish in one hour far exceeds other web professionals. if you need more info, see my “me vs. them” chart. it’s brilliant.

i actually care.

it’s rare to find a developer who really cares about you and what you do; this is where i am unique. ask my clients directly.

i give you what you want.

we have a major problem in the world today; how many times have you argued with a service provider only to be told that “they did what you asked?”

enough is enoughβ€” start getting what you need in a website by hiring me.


bad communication is so annoying and it’s a waste of your time. iΒ pride myself on being an excellent communicator. while working with me, you’ll come to new understanding about your website. you may even learn things about your business and your clients.

i’m friendly too.

wrapping up: i put care and effort into building exactly the website you need. in the end, you'll save time and money and have a better relationship with your website.