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Lazy Load Elementor Background Images (Wordpress Plugin)

A major drawback to using Elementor is that the background images used for sections and columns are all loaded when the page loads. Using a plugin like WP Rocket or BJ Lazy Load will not solve this issue. This plugin fixes that.

CT Community College Course Search (CCCCS)

DISCLAIMER: This should be tested on a development environment that is close toΒ or the same as your production environment. Some of the mechanisms used here

Awebsome Browser Selector for Caching

Quick, Non-technical Overview If you use the Awebsome! Broswer Selector plugin AND a caching plugin (e.g. WP SuperCache), the wrong body classes will be served

Visual Form Builder Magic

This is an add-on plugin which adds some magic to the wonderful Visual Form Builder (non-pro) plugin. You must have Visual Form Builder installed for