I started biking [part-way] to work a few weeks ago and thought I’d mention it. I’m riding my old Fuji Sandblaster SX mountain bike that my mom bought me for Christmas 12 years ago or so. What a great bike! A little WD40 and oil and I was ready to ride (albeit still without a front brake, but I’ll get around to fixing it some day). Here is my route, which is apparently about 10.6 miles:

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I drive my bike to Canton from Winsted and park at the commuter lot there at the intersection of 44 and 179, then take 179 into Unionville and 177 to work. 177 is sketchy – alomst no shoulder in some places. I’m told there’s a bike trail that will get me pretty close to work that I’m planning on checking out one of these days.

My plan is to gradually shorten my drive and increase my ride. Maybe some day I’ll be able to ride the whole way. Right now it’s taking about 45 minutes to do the 10 miles. My entire commute is about 22 miles each way, so at my current skill level, it’s way too far to attempt. If I can get down to 30 minutes for the 10 miles, I’ll start increasing the biking part of my commute.

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  1. Today’s to-home time was incalculable because of a flat tire and having to walk the bike for a couple miles before my lovely wife picked me up. Note to self: get a patch kit and minipump.

  2. I know you’re all anxiously awaiting this comment: I fixed the tire. I have to check the tire pressure tomorrow to be sure, but it’s looking good thus far.

  3. now that it’s mid october and you don’t enjoy the longer days and warm dry weather we do in San Diego I assume your wheels are mostly shelved until spring… when you take it up again get rid of the MTB tires that came with the bike and (I assume) you left on, and get some light slicks:

    Performance sells theirs ridiculously cheap when they are on sale. When you put your new inner tubes in, add a pair of good quality tire liners, I use Slime brand but there are others. These are like armour between the tread and tube, you can usually plow right through broken glass and thorns with no damage.
    The city slicks on that page, at just 6.99 ea on sale, when pumpep up to 85-90 psi will transform your bike into a speed machine. (though being where there is real weather I suggest something with a little tread, like their metro-k) Most people hesitate to invest money in new parts for an old bike when they take up commuting by bike, or think a MTB must be slow. Not true. Ride safe and always with a helmet, brain injuries don’t heal and one Gary Busey is enough.

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