My web host of the past six years has finally gone super nova.  Lunarpages used to be so great – friendly, helpful, understanding.  What happened?

Every once in a while I’d log into CPanel to find new goodies, better deals, more features, more space, more transfer, etc.  I got a free domain for life at one point, and I just thought, “Damn, think about all those suckas out there who aren’t hosting with Lunarpages.”

Then the toll-free tech. support number went to toll.  “OK,” I thought, “big deal.  I have a cell phone and I don’t pay long-distance.”  Then the support line hours went from 24/7 to 9-5 M-F.  OK, not cool, but whatever – nothing was broken so I didn’t really fret.

Then something broke.  It was past their phone-in hours, so I used their support e-mail service.  After going round and round, it turned out that they’d cut a feature under the auspices that the new CPanel itself didn’t support it.  I found it hard to believe since CPanel lets you do thie thing I was trying to do – it just wasn’t taking effect.

Since that episode, little things have bean breaking from time to time.  I have to really stay on top of things to make sure it’s all running tip-top.  The tech. support isn’t bad, it’s just bad that I have to use it now quite often, and the responses are more likely to be canned or brush offs than helpful.

Finally, the last straw: they destroyed my DNS settings somehow.  I’ve read other people’s posts about this, but I’d never experienced it myself.  All of a sudden, like 6 domains I have are all pointing to  Now it’s 12 hours later and still no response from tech. support.

Sorry, but that’s not acceptable.

So the new host is  I like them so far.  The sales dept. was very knowledgeable about their product, their wiki covers all migration and technical issues … they just seem very progressive overall.  And, I got $24 off the yearly price of hosting because I went in from a link at’s list of recommended hosts.

I have a feeling that Lunarpages is going to need to move fast to avoid a landslide of users breaking away.  Alliances change fast on the Internet …

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