Yesterday, I had the pleasure of picking up a like-new Traxxas JATO 3.3. My JATO had somehow gotten rusted over the winter in my barn. Lesson learned. However, the aluminum hop-up parts I’d bought were still almost mint. They needed a buffing and I cleverly thought to throw a couple coats of clear enamel on them after they were shining again.

The results are really pleasing.

Most of the kudos go to Javier who kept it up so well and painted a nice custom body for it. The only change I made were the aluminum bumper, aluminum wheelie bar, a fuel line bumper on the heat-sink for the inevitable rollover, clear-coat enamel on the underside for a tiny bit of protection against dirt and scraping.

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    1. Thanks, bro! Will do. Oh and cancel the question on the tranny. Motor started spinning freely but it turned out that the inside of the passenger side rear rim had gotten rounded out by the nut. Put on new rear tires and good to go.

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