I’ve fixed most of the major bugs, and moved a few ideas I had to the next release wish list. As a final step, I must complete the help files. I plan to take care of that over the weekend and release a working copy within the next week.

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  1. Hi Eelco,
    Yes, it is a CakePHP application. I am currently working on a new bug/feature request list which I put together while me wife test drove the application, so I anticipate making a public release in about two weeks.

    It will also coincide with the first release of SwfUploadComponent, which I think you will be interested in. I’m just trying to figure out how to communicate when a file name collision is detected because I’m saving it with a numeral suffix, but flash only knows that the file was uploaded, not what it gets renamed to.

    So i have plenty to keep myself occupied for the next week. I’ll talk to you soon.


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