It has bugs that I’ll work out later. Gotta get to graduation. (This script is for yesterday, by the way)

[UPDATE 17:54] I fixed the ‘point’ bug which always had you being Point from The Point, but the application could use some improvements in general.Β  For example, one of the questions is a 2 part question where you’d simultaneously want to answer ‘yes’ and ‘no.’Β  Ther is also the chance you’d have a tie, so there should be tiebreakers and stuff, but I don’t have time to retool it.Β  It’s on to the next script and I’ll finally be caught up.

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  1. ummm…not even sure what to say…
    I guess I feel as though I just shot away two very important minutes of my life out the window. Will the author of that test kindly scrape them up off of my driveway and give them back to me please?

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